Join us for the Digital Transformation Summit, where 12 business transformation experts will share their tips for increasing productivity and growing sales through digital transformation.

You’ll learn their step-by-step transformation processes, get high-impact growth tactics, proven digital resources and more.

Running from 24th to 29th Nov

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Our speakers have worked with:

Join us for free advice, resources and expert tips that will help you transform your business.

Join us for the Digital Transformation Summit, hosted by ProfileTree CEO Ciaran Connolly and featuring talks from 12 industry leaders in Digital Transformation for businesses.

 In a digital first world, digital transformation is no longer optional to businesses; it is a necessity, and when done right can result in streamlined processes, happier customers and more sales. Join us to find out how digital transformation can help your organisation grow


Ciaran Connolly

CEO of ProfileTree,
Digital Growth
Consultant and Trainer

Tim Hughes

Author, Co-Founder and
CEO of Digital
Leadership Associates

Maarten Albarda

Co-Founder of Flock USA,
Marketing Transformation Consultant

Sven Ringling

Consultant for Digital HR
and Employee Experience
at Adessa Group Germany

Michael Gale

WSJ best selling author, host of Forbes Insights Futures in Focus podcast

Vimal Rai

Transformation consultant
for travel industries, Digital
Leadership Associates

Plus many more speakers to be announced!

What you'll learn:

Through this 6 day virtual summit, you will learn how to transform every facet of your business using digital transformation. From marketing and business management through to sales and human resources, we have assembled a wide range of industry experts and leaders to guide you though the key steps to implementing change in your organisation 

Our speakers have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping them push the boundaries of digital innovation and transformation to stay at the forefront of their industry. If your business could benefit from some guidance on where to start and how to implement transformation, then you’ll get some tremendous value from this free event.

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