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Talking Digital Strategy | Cameron Stewart, Co-Founder, Dawson Andrews

Why is technology important in business? Explore the essential topics of product strategy, digital technology, business growth and more through insights from specialist Cameron Stewart.

Cameron, of digital product studio Dawson Andrews, took part in a ProfileTree Business Leaders video interview to discuss how digital technology can drive value for your business.

He began by introducing himself and explaining how his own career as an entrepreneur had led him to becoming a Dawson Andrews co-founder: “I’m born and raised in Belfast, and I’ve had a pretty crazy career, if you could call it that, of a series of businesses I’ve run and been involved in.

“Now I run a digital product studio along with two other amazing founders, we’re about four years old now and we’re having great fun.”

The Dawson Andrews client list alone, including Toys R Us, TedX, Google and many more huge household names, that Cameron’s company is no ordinary business.

He explained their work by giving some background to the environment surrounding Dawson Andrews’ services: “The digital product industry was born out of the web industry where static websites grew up into products that operated as a business function for a company.

“So on top end, front end client-facing stuff you’ve got websites, but they’re now not just sitting there as static web pages, they’re actually pulling in leads or selling things or signing you up to a system that it is in their back end that allows you to do something.

“We design anything from eCommerce stores through to services, for example a Yoga booking platform is one that we do. We’re also building a sports team management app with Andrew Trimble at the minute… we have a whole range of services in terms of the clientele but really what we do it we build software that serves a function for a business.

“Where we’ve got a name for ourselves is because we cut the c**p, pardon my French, and just get down to the business goals. We ask real questions like ‘what’s your business model?’ and ‘how do you make money?’. Only when we understand that do we say ‘ok, here’s some tools that you could use to achieve your business goals’.”

To discover more, including fascinating insights into Toys R Us, time management, business growth, entrepreneurship and much more, see our full video interview.

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Talking Digital Technology, Digital Products and Product Strategy with Cameron Stewart

In our video interview, Cameron Stewart explores some essential digital technology subjects including product strategy, the importance of design and much more.

Dawson Andrews explains its services in one sentence: “Product strategy, user research, design, technology, analytics and optimisation; everything you need to make a successful digital product or service, and nothing more”.

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