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Great Leadership | Siobhan Kearney, Owner of At One Wellbeing

What’s the key to leadership? A successful community and voluntary sector leader, who has devoted her expertise to wellness and life coaching, has reflected on leadership and explained how individuals and organisations can achieve more with specialist coaching support.

Siobhan Kearney, of At One Wellbeing, began by outlining how she has grown her expertise in coaching and holistic therapies.

“I’ve been working in the community and voluntary sector, I made way up to being Chief Executive of a charity within the sector.

“On that journey I discovered an awful lot about myself and an awful lot about where my interest and passion lies. It has always been to help people.

“That’s why I trained to become a life executive coach, I’m also a mentor and I did also dabble in holistic therapies. That was just out of interest, more than being about business, really.

“Last year I began to think ‘you know what, you could run your own business’.

“I thought I’d like to do something that reaches out to people, people who are maybe struggling with making decisions about their lives, with making choices and changes, so I set the business up.”

What was the thinking behind the name ‘At One Wellbeing’?

“Wellbeing is at the core of the business, and I thought ‘at one with yourself, at one with the people around you, at one with your community’.

“It really was about that sense of peacefulness you get when things are going well, that sense of joy you get.”

Siobhan pointed out that the right support can, in particular, help when someone feels trapped and uncertain how to improve their life.

“My interest lies in getting people unstuck.

“I know in my own life there have been periods when I have been really stuck. You can say ‘I’m not happy’ and you want to do this or that or the other, but really it all comes down to motivation.

“That’s what I enjoy doing, motivating people to make changes. From my own person experience, and experience of people I have spoken to, making changes isn’t easy.

“Coaching is all about getting people from where they are at, right here and right now, and moving them to where they want to be.”

Siobhan specialises in ‘management to leadership’ coaching to help clients step up to the next stage in their career.

“My core service is around life and executive coaching. I have a lot of executive clients at the minute.

“It really is about them fulfilling their role within an organisation and preparing them for a leadership role.

“Management to leadership is quite a jump, people sometimes think ‘leaders are born’ and ‘anyone can be a leader’ but it’s addressing things like confidence.

“Sometimes people can do things, and do things really well, but they don’t believe in themselves. So it’s about building that confidence, that knowledge that ‘yes I can, I have the skills, I can do this’.”

What is the key ingredient behind great leadership?

“When I comes to leadership I believe leaders have to have passion. I think it is fundamental to a leadership role.

“You need to have passion in what you are representing to do what you need to do, day in and day out. You also need to have passion for others, if you aren’t compassionate you don’t understand what motivates your team or what causes difficulties within your teams. And that can lead to other issues.

“People ask if leaders are born or if you can become a leader? I think it falls somewhere in between to be honest.”

To discover more insights from Siobhan see our full video interview.

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Summary: What’s the Secret to Great Leadership? Coaching, Holistic Therapies & Wellness With Siobhan Kearney

Siobhan Kearney of At One Wellbeing talks executive coaching, leadership development, the leaders ‘born or made’ debate, holistic therapies and much more.

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