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Do you have a Tourism Strategy | David Mora , Director of Emoturismo

Do you have a tourism strategy? David Mora from Emoturismo, a company launched with the aim of bringing human emotion and deeper experiences into travel, explored this industry essential during a ProfileTree Business Leaders video interview.

David, who set up Emoturismo in 2013, explained that, for him, tourism isn’t so much a job but is a passion. In fact, David’s interest in helping tourism to be all it can be is evidenced by his decision to begin PhD studies in the subject.

David began by explaining his own route into tourism.

“In the beginning I was more interested in foreign languages. Some of my relatives and friends were travelling and studying abroad and that somehow intrigued me and so when I was choosing between different careers I picked the tourism path.”

“I was working as a tourism student in one of the hotels in my home town in Bilbao.  I was a front desk agent and after two years I decided to do a Masters degree in tourism management which gave me a much broader scope in the tourism industry in which there are many other roles that you could take.

“So I applied for a grant by the national government by the Spanish tourist board, I got it, and then I was moved to Germany and then Poland to work as a representative for Spain.”

His career path led to consultancy work because “it seemed to me very dynamic, very interesting”.

“I applied for two different consultancy agencies in Spain and I got one job as a junior consultant, and that’s when my consultancy career started back in 1999. Most of my work was for public institutions during those 18 years of work in the field.

“The project that I developed was a strategic plan for touristic destinations.”

David explored the concept of combining local music and tourism, summing up his expertise and experience in this area.

“In Spain, we have a good climate and that makes it good to promote Spain as a music destination, especially those festivals along the seaside in the summer time, so I would say it’s a mass segment but it’s a growing one, so we are trying to diversify our interests and our resources, not just focusing on sun and sea but also trying to attract other types of visitors who are more interested in culture, heritage, food.”

He also explained his current, and varied, workload.

“Now, I work on two strategic plans for two municipalities. I also teach very often in different business schools and universities, everything travel-related.”

To find out more about David Mora and his insights into the travel industry, see his full ProfileTree video interview.

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Summary: Do You Have a Tourism Strategy? Travel and Tourism Consulting With David Mora, Tourism Consultant

Watch our video interview with tourism specialist David Mora to explore the importance of tourism, the work of a travel business consultant, insights into tourism policy and planning, and his thoughts on international tourism including the tourism industry.

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