Hypnosis Therapy. How does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis Techniques | Turan Mirza of Feel Good Hypnosis

What can hypnotherapy help with? And how can hypnosis work for you? Our video interview with specialist Turan Mirza, part of the ProfileTree Business Leaders series, takes a closer look at this fascinating and highly practical subject.

Turan also explained his own, equally interesting, route to his current field of expertise.

Perhaps surprisingly, be worked in software engineering and, during this part of his career, began to perform ‘magic’ tricks for his children. He realised that these tricks owed much to hypnosis and found himself understanding the power of hypnosis.

“I started to go on training courses and started to hypnotise people at birthday parties, family gatherings and things like that. Before I knew it people started to ask me ‘could you do that at my birthday party and I will pay you for it’, so I started to get money for doing entertainment hypnosis, started to do stage shows for charities and things like that.”

When people began to ask Turan if hypnosis could help with issues such as smoking, it led to a major career change.

“I took the challenge and started helping people overcoming things like insomnia, to stop smoking, and decided to do this full time.

“I used to program machines, now I help people to program themselves.”

He explained that “hypnosis is not something that I can do to you, hypnosis is something that helps me guide you to a place where you can guide yourself”.

In other words, hypnosis is actually a partnership working with people so that he could help them change themselves.

“What hypnosis does is gets you to drop that critical faculty, so any suggestion – right or wrong – seems to be accepted and moved into the unconscious mind, and what that is doing is giving a wider connection between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind.”

Turan outlined that critical faculty is actually the process of giving your mind the chance to question the suggestions imposed to it, without accepting everything that is given (which only happens with kids up to seven years old).

“The difference between hypnosis and other types of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or cognitive behaviour is that hypnosis is the process of you analysing yourself at a conscious level, it is faster because it is about underlying learnings that you have already learned.”

Is there a difference between being a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist? “I call myself a hypnotist and the way I look at it is that what am doing is not therapy, it getting people to change the way they think.

“If you Google the word ‘therapy’ it means to overcome a disorder. I don’t like the word disorder and don’t think that people have disorders, people have learned to do things in response to something. Technically speaking, it is all considered therapy and therapists but that’s how I see it.”

Feel Good Hypnosis – http://www.feel-good.today/index.htm

Summary: What is Hypnosis Therapy? How Does Hypnosis Work? Hypnosis Techniques with Turan Mirza #Hypnotist

Our ProfileTree video interview explores hypnosis therapy, hypnosis techniques, self help, improving mental health and much more.

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