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Importance of Personal Branding | David McCavery Managing Director of Serious PR

What is personal branding? A visit to the ProfileTV studio from Serious PR founder David McCavery gave some essential insights into PR, communications and personal branding.

David, who is also Managing Director of his agency, began his straight-talking Business Leaders video interview by defining PR in simple terms.

“There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors around PR and communications, all over the world and not just in Northern Ireland, but what we do is get our clients seen by the right people, at the right times and in the right places.”

David described his own company as a small, specialist agency who’ll work with associates in GB and Ireland to deliver for clients. Serious PR can scale up when necessary and will mostly with owner-managed, growth-focused businesses in Northern Ireland, Europe and beyond.

How has David seen PR change over the years?

“I can look back and can tell you that there has been incredible change, particularly in the past 20 years. The speed with which the industry, the whole sector, is being transformed is increasing.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in PR and communications because of the way it’s evolving, the way it challenges you, the new opportunities that open up, the way you need to be smarter.

“You’re talking to someone who grew up in newspapers, away back in the eighties, so I can remember hot metal and all of that. In those days PR was a lot about who you knew, getting your client in the paper and making them happy and that was it. Today PR is a totally different sector and industry, it’s all about data, it’s all about technology, it’s all about accountability, it’s all about creative ideas that are brought to life.”

“The industry has changed immeasurably, but what’s really exciting is that it is continuing to change.”

The subjects of PR and communications soon, of course, overlap with an essential modern business consideration: personal brand and personal branding strategy.

“We have worked over the years with a guy called Billy Dixon and he would tell you stories of people who dress in a particular way to establish and maintain their brand.

“Personal branding is huge nowadays… but that whole social media thing plays into personal branding, and PR and corporate branding as well. It’s a great environment.

“There would be those who advise on how to dress for particular occasions so you look the right way, getting your body language right is another key element of personal communications and personal branding.”

David also outlined how a love of sport and English in school had led him to his original career choice of journalism.

“I started in the Mourne Observer in 1981, one of three trainees with one job after six months. We went to secretarial class to learn shorthand one day a week, I brushed the floors for the guys who made the papers up and I learned how to cover the courts and the law and all of that. A fabulous, fabulous environment to be in in those days.”

To learn more about David’s path from print media to PR, about his industry insights and about the work of Serious PR see our full video interview.

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Summary: PR, Communications and Personal Branding | The Importance of Personal Brand with David McCavery

Our video interview with PR specialist David McCavery explores PR essentials such as a public relations definition, personal branding strategy, personal branding on social media, brand equity, brand communications and much more.

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