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Discussing Creativity in Business | Riki Neill of RNN Communications

What is Public Relations? Our video interview with a PR industry leader explores how you can help people both understand your business more clearly and see your company in a positive light.

Riki Neill outlined her career path and discussed the work of her business RNN Communications, who are specialists in a wide range of services including sponsorship, events and photography.

“When I was at the Art College, I was very much on the commercial side of things. I was never going to be an artist or an art teacher, so I really wanted to look at advertising as a medium.

“Following Art College, I went to the University of Ulster to study Communications, Advertising & PR. I took a Masters in that. At the same time I found a role in a PR company called Life Communications.

“I founded RNN Communications about six years ago. We were working with a lot of food, retail and hospitality brands as my background is big brand work.”

To demonstrate their expertise, Riki gave the example of one major client who receives a full range of services from RNN Communications.

“One of our largest clients in Ireland has over 200 stores and we look after their marketing remit, so we help form their marketing plan for the year. We create the plan then implement it.

“That plan involves everything from sponsorship to partnerships of Special Olympics Ireland to shopper promotions to trade campaigns.”

The RNN Communications founder explained that creativity is vital in her industry.

“There’s room for creativity no matter whether it is a corporate client or a consumer client. We want our message to be heard, people are bombarded with messages every day and it’s the creativity that counts.

“Also, I think there’s a bit of a movement at the moment towards reducing time on channels and people being a bit more mindful of their mental health. It’s the creativity, it’s the ideas that are memorable and it’s also about really really working an idea.

“So, a really great idea that’s just on a TV campaign? That will, of course, benchmark against some KPIs. But there’s no much more you can do with that, a really brilliant idea should be brought through the line from social to online activation to experiential marketing right through to PR.”

To learn more about RNN Communications and Riki’s expertise watch our full Business Leaders video interview.

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Summary: What is Public Relations? Discussing Creativity in Business with Riki Neill, RNN Communications

What is public relations? Riki Neill of RNN Communications explores topics including the work of a PR agency/ public relations agency and also gives insights into creativity, business leadership, advertising and much much more.

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