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Subcontracting | Cathy McCorry , Commercial Director of Copius Group

What is Subcontracting? Cathy McCorry, of Copius Group, joined Ciaran from ProfileTree to discuss subcontracting and recruitment and provide some specialist insights based on extensive industry experience.

Cathy is Commercial Director of Copius Group, who offer recruitment and training in many different industries including construction, engineering, energy and manufacturing on a global scale.

The group is made up of three individual companies with a premises in the UK, Ireland, the USA and the Netherlands.

Cathy began by giving an overview of her company and her own work.

“We’re traditionally seen as a mainstream recruitment agency. We have been in operation for about ten years and I joined the company about three years ago. But I came into recruitment in a very long, roundabout way.

“I originally trained as an accountant, but I found it a bit boring. I then got into financial services then I was offered an interview for a job through a recruitment agency. The lady who owned the recruitment agency then offered me a job. This was an opportunity to then work with people everyday, which I love to do. I also thought it was a new challenge.

“I then progressed from there to a larger company, who had big ambitions to grow their business and wanted to bring new people on board that had similar ambition. I was with that company for 17 years and became managing director. It was a 120 million pound turnover business employing over 700 people worldwide.

“I was very lucky because the two shareholders who owned that business were very supportive of women and developing women in the workplace. Recruitment traditionally was quite male dominated, especially in the UK landscape whereas if you look at the Northern Ireland landscape it is very female orientated.”

Cathy explained her next step and her specialism in the oil and gas industries.

“I then stepped away and started up my own agency here in Belfast. The company I had worked for was working in the general recruitment space, where we were more of a niche and developed recruitment in the oil and gas sector in particular.

“We had some challenges due to the down turn of the oil and gas market. We then faced either completely re-inventing ourselves or looking for new opportunities. At that time an opportunity within the Copius Group presented itself. As a result I joined that company three years ago.

“Copius is essentially a recruitment provider but also now a sub-contractor. Our key focus in terms of the industry sectors that we provide staff are in, oil, gas, renewables, engineering and construction.

“Typically we would supply personnel into projects such as construction, maintenance, which is broadly engineering. We support projects all over the world. Very little work is done here in Northern Ireland and our main customer base is in mainland Europe.”

“We have worked with Google, BP, ExxonMobil and Facebook. So we get a good chance to work with some of the major players around the world.”

To find out more about Copius, recruitment and sub-contracting watch our full Business Leaders interview.

Copius Group – https://copiusgroup.com

Summary: What is Subcontracting? Discussing Recruitment and Subcontracting With Cathy McCorry | Recruitment

To understand the work of a recruitment agency in Belfast, recruitment agencies in Northern Ireland, subcontracting work, the subcontracting business and recruitment in general see our video interview with Cathy McCorry of Copius.

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